Raincoast Community Rehabilitation - Occupational Therapy


Since 1983, Raincoast Rehabilitation has provided community rehabilitation services to those experiencing decreased function due to brain injury. We were the first to adopt this community-based model in British Columbia and have been successfully providing this service ever since. Today, Raincoast has evolved to provide a wide variety of rehabilitation services (physical, psychological, cognitive, and emotional) as well as litigation support services (expert assessments, medico-legal reports, and expert testimony).


The key to our success has been our client-centred methodology. Understanding that disability affects each person differently, our focus is upon the actual tasks, activities, relationships, and behaviours that each client navigates in their daily life. While our approach for each client may differ, our goal always remains the same: to restore to the maximum extent possible one’s independence, confidence, and community reintegration.


Our occupational therapists (OTs) strive to enable those facing physical and/or psychological limitations to achieve fuller engagement in life’s daily activities. “Occupation” is defined as any activity that a person may be required to perform each day. Examples include:

  • Self‐care (getting dressed, bathing, cooking, eating)
  • Leisure (hobbies, sports, social activities)
  • Productivity (paid or unpaid work, housework, school)

All of our OTs hold Master’s level certification (or equivalent) and are Members in Good Standing with the College of Occupational Therapists of BC. Their extensive training enable them to understand not only the medical and physical limitations of disability and injury, but also the psycho‐social factors that constrain an individual’s ability to fully engage.


Our OTs provide expertise in the following areas:

  • PGAP (Progressive Goal Attainment Program)
  • Case Management
  • Cost of Future Care Assessments
  • Home Assessments
  • Job Site Assessments
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Individualized Rehabilitation Plans
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
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Case Management, Expert Reports,
Expert Testimony

Raincoast has been assessing and providing rehabilitation services for over 30 years. This experience, particularly in all areas of traumatic brain injury, enables us to provide the full scope of medico-legal services required by law firms involved in personal injury litigation. Examples of such services include overall case management, all forms of assessments (vocational, neuropsychological, situational); functional capacity evaluations, job demands analyses, cost-of-future care assessments, etc.


We understand that expert reports are complicated and risk being cryptic as a result. At Raincoast our reports and testimony are thorough, comprehensive, and yet presented in plain language. This means that law firms using our services can rely on our experts to educate the jury or judge about the meaning of the language and the needs of their client.