If someone’s quality of life has been negatively impacted due to a physical, cognitive, psychological, or emotional injury, (or combination), our interdisciplinary health team headed by our occupational therapists is here to help.  We treat clients who have been impacted through concussion, traumatic brain injury (TBI), mental health issues, or catastrophic injury.


Despite the common misconception, Occupational Therapy is not limited to workplace injuries. In fact, “occupation” means any activity in which one participates on any given day.  For example, getting dressed, bathing, self care are all examples of “occupation”. Hobbies, sports, and social engagement are all examples of “occupation”. Working, housework, and school are all examples of “occupation”.


All of our Occupational Therapists (OTs) are Members in Good Standing with the College of Occupational Therapists of BC and hold Master’s level certification (or equivalent).  Continuing education regulations ensure our OTs stay current with the latest evidence-based practices and techniques.


Here are some areas of practice in which we help clients:

  • Brain Injury
  • Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Catastrophic Injury
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Injury
  • Chronic Pain
  • Home Assessments & Modifications
  • Equipment Fitting & Modifications


Since 1983, Raincoast has provided community rehab. services to injured British Columbians. We were the first to apply this community-based model to survivors of traumatic brain injury in BC.  We have since evolved to offer a broader range of services that better serves our clients’ individual needs.


Our goal is to foster a holistic and collaborative professional environment; one where evidence-based practice is reinforced by a robust interdisciplinary health team compromising occupational therapists, kinesiologists, psychologists, and rehabilitation workers.  While clients’ needs vary, our goal always remains the same:  To restore one’s independence, confidence, and community reintegration to the maximum extent possible.


Case Management, Expert Reports,
Expert Testimony

Raincoast Community Rehabilitation has been working with survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI) for over 30 years.  This experience enables us to provide unparalleled case management and litigation support required by legal advocates.


We understand that expert reports are complicated and often overly cryptic.  Our reports and testimony are thorough, comprehensive, and yet, presented in plain language.  This means that our clients can rely on our experts to educate the judge (or jury) about the meaning of the language and the specific needs of their client.